Kids’ Club Las Vegas is designed with the safety of your children in mind. As a company owned and operated by moms, we understand the importance of providing a safe environment for healthy play.

Each child member will receive a barcoded, picture identification card, which must be swiped upon entrance or exit of the Club. This swipe must occur in conjunction with a parent or guardian entering in a secret 4-digit code to open the security door to enter or exit the Club. Each parent or guardian registered on the Members account will receive their own individual security 4-digit pin code, which will only work in conjunction with the Members card. A parent/guardian or child may not enter or exit the facility without each other. The security door will not open, with the exception of emergency situations when the door unlocks to allow for immediate exit. A front desk Coach and multi camera video monitoring and recording system is always present to oversee guests entering or exiting the facility as well as throughout the entire facility.

While Kids’ Club Las Vegas employs a high level of security, it does not replace the watchful eyes of a parent. All the interior walls of Kids’ Club are clear glass. This allows for parents to maintain an unobstructed view of their children playing from most viewpoints. We encourage you to enjoy time in the Café, but ask that you do not leave your children unattended for any prolonged amount of time. Please pay attention to and follow all signs in regards to weight limits, keeping trikes in trike area, etc.

We are also very serious about the safety of our equipment. Our custom built commercial grade indoor play equipment has been carefully designed with every safety precaution in mind.  All equipment is  completely padded and netted to keep your little ones safe from falls and scraps.

We also know that having kids around also means having germs around as well.  Therefor all toys are sanitized daily, and bouncy houses and climbing equipment is cleaned with a commercial grade sanitizer a minimum of three times per week.   Hand sanitizer is also provided for your convenience throughout the entire facility. We also ask that all kids and adults wear socks past the security door to ensure keeping the play area floors as clean as possible.