Play Dates

There are many benefits to joining a playgroup. Your children have the opportunity to form friendships and play with someone other than a sibling. It also gives parents a chance to get out of the house and actually speak to another adult other than on Facebook or Emails. Real adult conversation is so important to maintaining sanity when you are home with small children 24 hours a day. Within a playgroup you can find other parents with whom to talk about things that others just don’t understand. Sleeping problems, potty training, and sibling rivalry are just a few of the topics discussed among our stay at home parents.  Moms and Dads gain valuable insight through social interaction with other parents. When those moments happen and we begin to feel like we’re failing as parents, our play date friends are always there to provide support and reassurance.  Your kids’ have fun, learning in a wholesome, safe environment and you have fun at the same time.  The hours fly by at the Clubhouse.


Kids’ Club Las Vegas offers the perfect place for your next group play date.  Our rate is $10 and groups with 10 or more children only $7/child.  We are a shoe free zone, please remember to bring socks for both children and adults.  Socks are for sale at front desk though just in case anyone forgets.